Need a Little Business Boost?

We recently had the wonderful opportunity to work with Business Success Consulting Group in seeing our business growth in statistical graphs, and in creating an extensive and very useful organizational chart.  They helped us with hiring practices, management procedures, and using our strengths to continue our growth.

Business Success Consulting Group is a Pacific Northwest business consulting company that helps business owners create a successful, well-organized and prosperous business. The company was founded by Adi Klevit and Gary Crawshaw, both well experienced management consultants, who joined forces to help businesses in the Pacific Northwest thrive. They are both very passionate about helping their clients succeed!

Their specialty is improving the efficiency and profitability of the business by implementing organizational systems and procedures, and optimizing the internal operations. As every business is unique, they first perform a thorough diagnosis to identify those existing areas that need to be improved or strengthened. They then present the business owner and the leadership team with a step-by-step action plan of exactly what needs to be done, and work with them to ensure that each step is fully implemented with tangible, positive results.

We are very grateful to Adi and Gary for all their positive reinforcement, and a working action plan for growth and success.  If you are looking at expanding and growing your business in 2017, contact Adi to schedule a 90-minute free consultation.

Business Success Consulting Group
PO BOX 1870, Lake Oswego, OR 97035